Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Papa's 90th!

 I did a "Story of Your lIfe" Cake and Cupcake combo for my Pap's 90th birthday a few years ago. It was a lemon cake and cupcakes. Lemon was his favorite so it had to be lemon. I was proud of the way it turned out. Each cupcake had something representing different periods in his life. Starting from his childhood living on a farm and picking cotton. To playing baseball and being scouted for the Cardinals but not being able to pay his own way on the train to make it to try outs. Train hopping during the depression to find work. His time serving in World War II.  His love of football and golf. All the way to retirement and cruising around the world with my Nana. 
He was a good Papa and I miss him terribly! 

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