Friday, April 13, 2012

The Cake That Started It All!

 Here's the cake that started it all! 
My very first fondant cake. 
I held a 30th birthday party for my super rad cousin. It was twilight themed and we had a blast! I made a chocolate cake and covered it in fondant and then poured red melted chocolate over the top to give the appearance of blood. You know... because of the Vampires.

I also made some yummy chocolate pops in the shape of apples to go along with the book cover for Twilight. I added some edible luster dust to give them some sparkle. Because no Twilight party would be complete without something sparkly! 

We had raviolis for dinner and later played our own little version of "pin the tail on the donkey" except it was..... Plant the Kiss on Edward. I blindfolded the girls, spun them around a bunch of times and let them at him. Who ever got the closest to his lips won a prize.

 Totally normal behavior for a bunch of 30 something married women right? 

Anyways, this was the cake that started it all. It's not the greatest looking confection I've made but a girls got to start somewhere right?

Check back tomorrow for more Sweetness.

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